On Dragons, Dungeons, and Dinner Parties

Whether you’re hosting a dinner or running a session of Pathfinder, you’re sharing a piece of who you are. You’re saying, “I made this just for you. I hope you like it at least a little or maybe even love it a lot.”

Min/Maxing Your GM Journey

Maybe you’ve resolved to improve your GMing in the new year. Perhaps you decided this would be the year you finally take your turn in the hot seat. Maybe you stumbled onto this article in the middle of summer and are just looking for a couple of quick tips.

How To Run A Horrible Campaign (Successfully)

Any GM who’s been running campaigns for even a moderate amount of time can tackle these problems with a bit of preparation or some solid improv chops. But what if you’re not an experienced GM?

A Simple Systemless System To Solve Story Somo

In character or out, a single group cannot solve all of the mysteries, uncover all the forgotten secrets, and punch all the bad in the world. So what’s to be done? “Write fewer plot hooks,” You might say. To which I reply, “No. Too simple. It would never work, and you can’t make me.”